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Whack Your Soul Mate

Are you suffering from a life full of stress?

If so, then try out Whack Your Soul Mate at our game site, a funny game tailored to server your needs.

By insulting or whacking the in-game characters, you can release stress and frustration built up from hard days. It’s never easy to hold back your anger, and this game offers such a great chance to express and get your rage out.

Have your soul mate ever made you upset? Did he/she leave you for a new person? I know it’s really heartbreaking when someone left you in tears and didn’t even care. Now it’s the right time to put your revenge on them without hurting a soul.

Hold your mouse and get ready for a series of brutal yet hilarious actions in this funny click-and-point game.

Similar to other “Whack Your” games from Doodieman, you are allowed to do anything you want to in Whack Your Soul Mate as long as it’s ruthless and vicious. Do you have things that you cannot do in reality? I bet we all have! Due to that, don’t be hesitant to explode your madness in this cartoon game.

Wish to kick some butts? Make use of a whole host of objects here in order to injure your mean soul mate!

Methods to Whack Your Soulmate

Now, let’s dig into the details of whacking methods. Whack Your Soul Mate comes with 16 different objects to injure your soul mate, check below…

The man’s revenge:

  • Laptop – Use a laptop to hit the soul mate nonstop until her head becomes a squashed tomato
  • Pile of poo – Shoot dog dirt right into her face
  • Brick – Build a place to hide out and blast the soul mate through a hole from the bricked wall
  • Party hat – The monkey will hand her a bunch of balloons which will make her float in the air and suddenly drop her down causing to her painful death
  • A heart-shaped box of chocolates – Two types of weapons hidden in the box will punch into your soul mate’s face and cut her head off
  • A pink-colored present – It’s revealed a jet pack that will burn down the soul mate to the bone
  • High heels – Burn all her beloved shoes
  • Aeroplane – Use a chain saw to whack your soul mate
  • A shoe – Stand on her head and stomp on it continuously

The woman’s revenge:

  • Car – Jump on a nice car with another man and your soul mate behind will be shot in the head
  • Boxing gloves – Hit the soul mate to death
  • Couch – Use the bazooka to shoot him as he prefers watching television rather than spending time with you
  • Fist – Beat him and then poo on his face
  • Woman – Kiss another woman and poke your soul mate’s eye out with your finger through the key hole
  • Sword handle – Chop the man’s head off
  • Lever – Release a shark and let it disembowel your soulmate

How to Play?

Admit it – have you ever thought of the result of your soul mate after all he/she did to you? Let Whack Your Soul Mate help them meet their untimely end!

Like Whack Your Ex, this game includes many different methods that can lead your soul mate to an untimely death. Will they die because of balloons or boxing gloves? Just select any item and figure out how each way end.

Insult and injure your soul mate in the way pleasing you.


Click the left-mouse to select different on-screen items.


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