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Whack Your PC

What to whack next besides your boss and ex?

There are many times in life you feel frustrated with our computer, right? The reasons have many; for example: your computer suddenly crashes down because of getting attacked by a virus from various Internet sites, or different pop-up windows continuously appear on the screen, or the speed of your PC is slower than the speed of a turtle moving on a road.

Now, the “Whack Your” series is back in WhackingGame. In Whack Your PC, you will have a new target to release your frustration and stress on. Do anything you want with the computer to help the in-game character feel calm again.

Enter the room of his office and look for all 12 objects that can be used to wreck the PC!

This is a very ideal game allowing you to unleash your uncontrollable madness. Instead of the human in prequels, you will vent the anger on an old computer.

What are you waiting for? Click Play and enjoy this free online flash game in which you can do anything, virtually of course.


This is the game developed by

Whack Your PC is the last game in the “Whack Your” series published by Doodie – the first is Whack Your Boss and the second is Whack Your Ex.

Interestingly, players can relish Whack Your Computer on your mobile device as an Android app. Download NOW!

Release Date

Doodie first introduced this click-and-point game on 20 January, 2015.

How to Play?

In Whack Your PC, your challenge is to discover 12 different ways to destroy or wreck your computer. This is the only game having no bloody, violent scenes as human is not the killing target.

This time, you will play as an employee sitting in his own office…on his desk is his computer. He is not in the room alone; actually, there is a lady sitting on the opposite side waiting to talk to him. The problem is – their conversation keeps being interrupted by mails coming from his PC.

Well, the result is that the protagonist becomes furious with that interruption.

The only way to help him release his anger is to make use of all possible items in the office to create several intense actions on his PC. Figure out all hilarious ways to destroy the computer. At the end of each demolishment, you’ll see that the lady is impressed and shows her feelings for the man.

What actually funny about this game is that all the scenarios of him whacking his computer are just his imagination, including the moment of him making the lady fall in love.


Interact with all the on-screen items using your left-mouse.


Whack Your PC is a cool, funny clicking game available for playing HERE and built to run smoothly and directly in your browser without any trouble. Absolutely free of charge, this awesome game can be played online or on different mobile devices (as long as you download it from Google Play).

For those enjoy Whack Your PC, make sure you also try out other similar action games, such as Whack the Thief, Whack Your Neighbor, and Whack Your Soul Mate.

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