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Whack Your Neighbor

What is awaiting you in Whack Your Neighbor…do you know?

Let’s meet some grumpy, critical and badmouth neighbors here. Want to know some ways to free yourself from these annoying people? It’s time to back again with all brutal actions; however, you must be 18 or above to play this game.

Whack Your Neighbor is tailored to help you cope with the strict neighbor. Featured both creative and barbarous elements, this game allows you to injure your neighbor in a not so polite manner. You have about 27 chances to kill your virtual neighbor. So do not worry if missing any chance; still lots of occasion to take revenge.

When playing this game, remember that you are JUST PLAYING. Take everything here easy, okay? Whack Your Neighbor is only for entertainment purpose and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


  • Up to 27 brutal ways to kill your neighbor
  • Available to play online and on Android-based mobile devices
  • Easy-to-play gameplay and animation graphics


Whack Your Neighbor is created and developed by Brutal Studio, the place known for popular browser games, such as Stick Squad, Brutal Swing, etc.

If you really like this game genre, then also check out Whack the Thief or Whack Your PC.


Powered by Flash technology, this game runs well on any of your browsers.

How to Play?

Your challenge in this stress-relieving murder game is to find all 27 ways allowing you to take revenge on the neighbor brutally.

Firstly, look around the unpleasant and restless garden and make use of different typical objects for your task. Play Whack Your Neighbor and you will get surprised of the creativity and kill methods that it offers.

What can be more fun than causing a series of terrible actions on the person you don’t like and they can’t do anything to you? See many tools lying on the ground? Pick any among them to give a whack on your neighbor. For example, click on the dog and it will immediately bite the grumpy man to death.

Still lots of items to make your choice…play and enjoy the cut-scene for each.

If you are feeling angry because of your neighbor in real life, express all of your frustrations through this game. Savor violent moments here without hurting a soul.

Last but not least, again, keep in mind that Whack Your Neighbor is a funny murder game for the entertainment purpose only. You shouldn’t apply the tricks or methods used to kill the in-game neighbor in reality.

If you get mentally shocked due to the details in this game, please instantly stop playing.


Utilize the left-mouse to select all items in this clicking game.


WARNING: This game contains many violent, bloody scenes; so, make sure you are over 16 when playing Whack Your Neighbor!

Now, Whack Your Neighbor is already available on, players.

Relish this cool action game and see how good you are in making choices. Similar to Whack Your Boss and Whack Your Ex yet the cartoon here will take the ruthlessness on a higher level.

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