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Whack Your Ex

Look for a game that can help you relieve the tension, frustration and anger?

Look no further, guys…give Whack Your Ex a try!

In this interesting hitting game, all to do is to take revenge on your ex, like whack or insult, as much as you want. Without harming a soul, the game is such a funny, productive therapy that can lessen stress, especially for those who are coping with breakups.

Not really harm your ex, still Whack Your Ex allows its players to injure their ex only in the virtual world.

There are various different methods that you can make use of to cause a series of dangerous, brutal actions on the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend here.


  • The ultimate therapy for all couples experiencing the breakup
  • Simple yet interesting gameplay
  • A total of 17 methods to surprise your in-game ex
  • Hilarious experience when revenging the ex-lover

You can find all items at the bottom of the game screen.

Developer & Platform

This is a browser game created and developed by Doodie, which also published other games of the same genre: Whack Your Soul Mate, Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Ex now run as an Android app on your mobile device.

Release Date

It was first played on April 15, 2015.

How to Play?

Once clicking Play, you will meet two characters who were actually lovers back then. Take a look at the bottom, and you’ll see 17 items that later can be used for the demolishment. Just select any method and enjoy the thrilling moments that the game brings to you.

I suggest you trying all to figure out all the surprises hidden in all items.

For example, choose a laptop and use it to hit your ex continuously to release your frustration entirely. Oh, you should try another method called Hide Out – click on a brick and the game immediately helps you build a brick wall. The moment you’ve finished your hideout, just wait for your ex to be blown away once she looks through the hole.

Or, what will happen with the birthday cap? A giant monkey will show up and hand out caps to both characters but air balloons to only your ex. She then will be pulled high up to the sky and dropped down to dead.

These are just several ways I choose to explain the gameplay of Whack Your Ex. Still plenty things for you to discover. Quickly play this simple yet crazy flash game and don’t mind telling your experience.


Use the mouse only to play this point-and-click game.


Undoubtedly, Whack Your Ex is an addictive funny clicking game that you can enjoy for absolutely free HERE. You can play it in any of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), no ads or downloading.

This game is very popular among Youtubers and players all around the world. If you do have great time playing Whack Your Ex, also take a look at other whacking games like Whack the Thief, Whack Your PC, Whack Your Neighbor.

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