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Whack Your Boss 17 Ways

Have you ever felt mad at your boss? Admit it – have you ever dreamed of yelling at your boss, kicking his butts, or worse throwing him out of the twentieth floor window? Trust me; if you do these actions in real life, you would get fired or even find yourself in the prison.

However, with Whack Your Boss: 17 Ways, what you’ve wished will come true.


  • A full package of 17 ways to whack your bad boss
  • The updated version of Whack Your Boss
  • Similar gameplay, simple yet attractive graphics, good music
  • More addictive, hilarious cut-scenes to enjoy


This game is an updated version of the original, Whack Your Boss, from the site.

Release Date

Whack Your Boss: 17 Ways was updated and published in 2007.


If you want to play this game, you must install the Adobe Flash plug-in so that it can run smoothly in modern browsers.

Still many Flash games in the Whack Your series available on WhackingGame, you should give all a go, all players.

How to Play?

If you could beat your boss 17 times, what kinds of items you would like to use?

The surprising thing here is – you can kill the boss with any thing, even the thing that never crosses your mind like the trashcan, pencil, stapler, and clock. In fact, this game has proven all objects could be taken advantage of.

In the game, you will find many items placed in your office. Click on whatever you prefer and see the consequence that will happen to your poor boss. For example, if you choose the trashcan, the employee will instantly use it to smack the boss. Only one hit cannot stop him from complaining or yelling at you. Thus, beat him continuously until you see blood everywhere.

Okay, sit comfortably on your sofa and let Whack Your Boss: 17 Ways clear away your anger toward the boss in reality. Without hurting a soul, this is a perfect game if you want to take revenge on someone.

  • Beat him in the face using your fist
  • Use the belt to tie him up on your chair and push him from the highest floor of the building
  • A pair of scissors is to slit his throat
  • The coffee up is to hit your boss’s head repeatedly
  • Stab him right in the heart availing an umbrella
  • Drag him to the other side of the wall and whack him with no mercy
  • Hit him with the briefcase
  • Throw a ruler through his forehead
  • Smash his head like a potato with the computer monitor
  • Use the keyboard to whack him
  • Beat him from place to place with the trashcan 
  • The stapler is to hit him and staple his head as well
  • Slam him into the coat peg
  • Stab him with his own pencil 
  • Keep slamming your boss into the file cabinet drawer to death
  • Drown him using the water cooler
  • Hit him over head with the shelf from the top-right corner

If you want to clean up the mess, just click CLEANER and a mysterious man will show up to help you.


Select and interact with all objects by using the left mouse.


Enjoy watching blood oozing all over the place in Whack Your Boss: 17 Ways. Just keep searching and you will discover all 17 methods to take revenge on the in-game boss in a couple of minutes. Much greatly, players don’t have to clean up the mess – select clickable objects and have fun with the cut-scenes.

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