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Whack The Thief

Here comes a game helping you avoid the burglar from creeping into your room!

Sounds weird, right? But give it a try anyway…play Whack the Thief and you’ll get a chance to confront a rude thief. He is not allowed to steal the property in your house; there must be some ways to stop and punish him.

Truthfully, this click-and-point action game is the best remedy when it comes to relieving stress, anger or frustration. Time to explode your madness to the in-game thief so that you can find your calmness again!

No need to purchase any weapon for the attack.

Once hitting Play button, you’ll be given different household items which will assisting you in injuring the invader and releasing your rage. Choose any object available in the room and wait for the cut-scene. Whack the Thief will offer you only fun and enjoyment, not disappointment, boredom, or fear.

Previous times, you did have great moments to Whack Your Ex and Whack Your Boss, now use your spare time to Whack the Thief trying to break in your house.


  • 13 unique ways to kill the thief
  • All the scenes are impressive and exciting to watch
  • Interesting endings and cut-scenes
  • Well-designed, smooth graphics and fun sound effects
  • Simple, easy-to-play gameplay and control


Whack the Thief is a game of Brutal Studio, which is also in charge of creating and publishing other popular browser games, such as Whack Your PC and Whack Your Neighbor.

You can follow this game publisher on Facebook for more info.


Like other games in the “Whack Your” series, Whack the Thief is a flash-based game that can be savored on any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) Make sure you install Adobe Flash Player before playing this cartoon game.

How to Play?

In this game, you are a little boy sitting in your room and playing video games at night. Suddenly an amateur thief appears and rudely interrupts your fun time.

How should you react and defend your house?

Put your defensive skill on test with Whack the Thief! Stop the burglar from doing some robbing action by attacking him in a variety of hilarious yet gruesome ways. No restriction, team up with the kid here in order to knock out the invader.

The moment the thief sets his foot in your room, quickly pick a tool or weapon among a variety of different items. Then, simply enjoy watching the cut-scene of your choice to see how things happen to the intruder.

Consider sack hanging on the fireplace or the swords hanging on the wall. Or, maybe you want to use the tennis racquet placed on the armchair. If you don’t know what to do, just escape using the side-door. You can take advantage of each object not once but many times.

Locating the items is not quite so hard; when the mouse pointer is on any right object, it will get highlighted in red.

In Whack the Thief, the choice is all in your hand. Keep replaying the game to discover different endings for each kill. See the counter on the lower right? It shows the number of methods that you’ve used to whack the thief.

If you are not a fan of violence or bloody scenes, then ignore this game.


Use the mouse to stop the thief who is trying to rob your home.


Do not miss out such a terrific clicking action game like Whack the Thief on WhackingGame, guys. Developed with Flash technology, this game can run smoothly in all popular browsers without trouble.

Did you like playing Whack the Thief?

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