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Whack the Creeps

Meet Lisa, a very beautiful girlfriend of Patrick, in Whack the Creeps!

While the protagonist is having fun in a bar in Stockholm, she is harassed by a pair of drunks. They can’t stop the interruption even after she called the security. Maybe Lisa needs to protect herself from immoral attacks of those disgusting guys.

Are you ready to teach all in-game sleazy men a lesson in manners?

Here is a game allowing you to cause a series of brutal, vicious actions to all the characters you don’t like. Full of violent and bloody scenes, Whack the Creeps is somewhat the best option if you want to take revenge on someone without hurting them in reality.

Your objective in the game is to punish nasty men on the behalf of Lisa.

Click START and quickly put them in the place they should be; or, in other words, put them in their own grave.


  • 19 bloody and hilarious ways to teach sleazy guys a lesson
  • Grand finale kill featuring a variety of timed events
  • Funny, creative, and interesting cut-scenes


Whack the Creeps is developed by Netplayer – this is also the creator of Whack Your Neighbor and Whack the Burglars.

Due to the ‘excessive violence’ of this game, the Android version of Whack the Creeps has been removed from the Google Play. However, if you follow these tips, you are still able to play it on the mobile device.

Download all the Netplayer apps for your phone here!

Release Date

This game was initially posted on 26 May 2016.


Play this free action Flash game on any web browser and mobile device.

How to Play?

Whilst waiting for Patrick to comeback, Lisa suddenly gets harassed in a bar by two jerks. If the girl does not do anything to them, they will also not stop haunting her. You should give our protagonist the urgent assistance.

Look around the room, and you’ll find some items that can help Lisa defend herself. Each object will lead to a different consequence that will surely surprise you.

There are a total of 19 possible ways to make the creeps get what they deserve. For example, click the stool and the girl will use it to beat two sleazy creepy guys to death, or if your choice is the pencil, Lisa will impale it into one of the creeps’ eyes.

Select any clickable object from the bar to teach the creeps a brutal lesson so you can enjoy a cold drink of peace.


Use the left mouse to select different methods to whack all the creeps.


Whack the Creeps is, for sure, one of most fabulous games in our collection. You can check it directly on WhackingGame site, along with other games of the series such as Don’t Whack Your Teacher, Whack Your Ex, and more.

Powered by Flash technology, Whack the Creeps runs in most browsers without trouble.

Find the game you most favored and enjoy!

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