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Don’t Whack Your Teacher

Have you ever feel tired when dealing with annoying teachers? I means who wouldn’t get detention when studying at school, right? Do you want to recall those days?

It’s time to give your teacher a terrified lesson that they will never forget in life!

Let Don’t Whack Your Teacher help you travel back in time.

You will play as a young boy who are getting punished in a teacher’s office here. The way he keeps murmuring about your faults really irritates you. Like any game of this genre, you need to search for objects that could help him stop talking like…forever.

In order to complete this game perfectly, your aim is to search for 13 specific ways to torture your teacher. Objects are placed or hanged in various locations around the room, and your quest is to spot them all exactly. Overall, the game is quite easy to play with – it takes me less than 30 minutes to finish.

Don’t Whack Your Teacher is another cool game from Box10. If you want a source that can help you relieve stress in a fun way, this is the top choice. Besides, you can enjoy all ruthless kill scenes without causing any real-life physical harm in real life.

How to escape from the room having only your teacher? Dispatch him!


  • 13 objects that can be utilized to whack your annoying teacher
  • The whole game takes place in the teacher’s office
  • Nice graphics, cool sound effects and music, similar gameplay
  • Interesting cut-scene for every whacking method


Don’t Whack Your Teacher is designed by Box10 game site. Though it has no association with the “Whack Your” series, the game still has similar gameplay with Whack Your PC and Whack Your Boss of Doodie Cartoons.

Release Date

This point-and-click game was published in December 2010.


Play Don’t Whack Your Teacher in your web browser.

How to Play?

Here, in this game, you are on an ultimate objective – killing your teacher. Not only once, but you will have about 13 methods to take revenge on the one supposed to have your respect.

Select various objects available in the classroom; each will cause gruesome, bloody but hilarious death to the teacher. After making your choice, simply enjoy all the cut-scenes throughout the game.

Can you whack your teacher in all different ways?

Find 13 ways to cause brutal actions on your teacher:

  • The vase will be thrown right in the face of the teacher
  • The baseball bat is to strike him in the head for a homerun
  • A pair of scissors is to cut his throat
  • Pencil is to stab him in the face
  • Stapler is to hit his head repeatedly
  • The insect repellant sprayer is used to shove into his mouth
  • Lighter will burn down his face with the help of the flammable spray
  • Chair is used to smash him to death
  • A jar of bees is another way to hit the teacher as well as kick him off the window
  • A big book is a good weapon to knock him out
  • Umbrella is to thrust him deeply
  • Kettle is to whack him over the head; then pour the hot water inside on him
  • Cable is to strangle him

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Make use of the left mouse to choose the clickable objects.


Don’t Whack Your Teacher is definitely one of the most enjoyable bloody game. Built with Flash technology, the game has no problem when working in any modern web browser. Play Don’t Whack Your Teacher right here, totally free of charge.

Still a lot of fun games added in, spend time exploring instantly!

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