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Don’t Whack Your Boss

How bad can your boss be? I bet that you’ve wished to play revenge on your boss at least one time, right? Finally, here comes a place in which you can get your rage out without harming a soul.

Jump into Don’t Whack Your Boss and you will witness the terrible behavior of the big boss toward his employee.

The game here offers all players an occasion allowing you to do anything to your boss, from hitting to torturing him. This way works really well as you can freely express your intense emotions and find peace to your mind.

So, just imagine the character in Don’t Whack Your Boss is your own boss and take action. Your ultimate mission is to find all 19 items having the power to teach the boss in the virtual office a lesson.

Tap ENTER and figure out now!

Before playing, I want to remind you one thing: please do NOT apply any brutal method to your real boss because they will get hurt terribly. Keep in mind that this fun game is only for the entertaining purpose.


  • 19 ways to throw your anger and tension on your boss
  • The cut-scenes are bloody yet interesting, funny
  • Simple graphics, addictive gameplay, cool sound/music
  • Another installment of “Whack Your” series


Don’t Whack Your Boss is presented by, the creator of Doodieman Voodoo, as well as other whacking games that you are all familiar.

You can try Whack Your Ex, Whack Your PC, or Whack Your Boss at our game site.

Release Date

This point-and-click interaction game was available to play in 2010.


As a free Flash game online, you can place Don’t Whack Your Boss in any modern web browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, or IE.

How to Play?

The game starts with the scene of you working at your desk in the office; then, the boss suddenly shows up and can’t stop complaining you. Find him irritated? Observe all the objects in the room and select the clickable items to whack your boss.

Each method will attack and kill the grumpy boss in a different way; yet, all of them are very ruthless and full of blood.

Just make your choice and watch the cut-scenes with pleasure.

A list 19 ways to kill your boss:

  • The wall (*Bloody rating = 5/10)
  • Water fountain (5/10)
  • The clock (6/10)
  • Bin (6/10)
  • Cup (5/10)
  • The computer (1/10)
  • Hands (2/10)
  • Stapler (5/10)
  • Scissors (10/10)
  • Ruler (3/10)
  • Suitcase (6/10)
  • Umbrella (5/10)
  • Golf club (4/10)
  • Keyboard (6/10)
  • Chair (1/10)
  • Pen (8/10)
  • The boss’s pencil (4/10)
  • Bottom Draw (7/10)
  • The shelf from the top-right corner (5/10)


Interact with all items in the office with the left mouse.


The ending scene of Don’t Whack Your Boss will surely surprise you. If you want to discover, play it without hesitation. already added this cool game in the collection. No download, not registration, and no charge, it can be savored for absolutely free, like other whacking games.

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