List of serial Whack Your Games series

Guess what?

Spend your time on this flash game site and discover a series of creative action games in which you can take revenge on any person you don’t like including your ex, soul mate, thief, boss, and even a lifeless computer.

At WhackingGame, we offer all popular games in the “Whack Your” series, such as Whack Your Boss, Whack Your Ex, Whack the Thief, Whack Your Computer, Whack Your Boss 2, Whack Your Boss 17 Ways, Don’t Whack Your Teacher, Whack the Creeps, Whack The Burglars, Whack Your Neighbour, Whack Your PC…

Absolutely free to play, enjoy a collection of these unblocked games.

What are the requirements? You needs a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera… and running Adobe Flash Player to play !

Top Played Games at WhackingGame site

Whack Your Neighbor

How many times you feel annoyed because of your neighbor? You will experience the similar situation in Whack Your Neighbor. In this game, you will play as a boy who is having a barbecue party in the backyard. The story begins when a rude, grumpy man approaches you and start complaining hypercritically.

Do you want to stop him talking? Then it’s time to wake the secret serial killer from your inner self. This point-and-click action game is tailored to help you forget all of your frustrations, featuring 32 items that can be used to torture the neighbor.

Whack the Thief

For sure, this game will make you feel like the main character of the popular film series – Home Alone. You have to deal with a burglar who is trying to rob everything in your house. Whack the Thief offers several cool ideas which can help you cause a series of bloody actions on the burglar making him miserable.

The in-game thief deserves your revenge as daring to interrupt your video game time.

Whack the Thief is another game from the team created Don’t Whack Your Teacher. Play this unblocked Y8 whack game and you will be amazed at all the brutal cut scenes for each of your unique choices.

If you enjoy this game, then also check out Whack the Burglars!

Whack Your Computer

Feel stressed and look for something to relieve? Then Whack Your Computer will deliver exactly what you are expecting. Take the role of a man having the Hulk power which can impress an attractive secretary. However, he seems annoyed with the noise from emails in his PC. So, what do you do now?

Simply bring out your frustrations on the man’s laptop. From the bazooka to even the air strike, it’s time to burn down things burdening inside you. Move the mouse pointer to clickable hot spots and wait for the cut scenes of your choices.

Discover all 12 weapons in Whack Your PC in order to conquer the game.

Whack Your Boss

Are you dissatisfied with your boss? If you do nothing to warn him, he will keep asking you to work overtime without paying. With Whack Your Boss, you can give your virtual supervisor the severe revenge without hurting anyone in reality.

If you are a fan of this game genre, you’ll feel familiar while playing Whack Your Boss – simply interact with 20 different objects in your office. Each item will help you express your anger in a very brutal, ruthless way.

Also give Whack Your Boss 2 or Whack Your Boss Superhero a try if you really enjoy this awesome game.

Whack Your Ex

Who likes the feeling of being dumped? Absolutely no one!

I totally understand your feeling when seeing your ex shows up with a new gal or guy. Of course you can behave like a clingy ex in the real life, but it’s better to get your rage out in Whack Your Ex, players.

This game gives you a total of 17 ways to put your revenge on your ex. The following sequences will surely make you laugh non-stop and release your stress. Different from Whack the Creeps in which you have to find interactive spots, you will see all items laid out on the floor. Just select the revenge method you prefer most and enjoy the terrifying show.

Well, on, you will find plenty of games in the “Whack Your” series for completely free online. New games will be added to the site – to play all the latest ones immediately, you should visit here frequently. Of course there will be other series aside from the Whack Your, make sure you check out everything!